Sunday, 12 July 2015

Bangkok - Eat, shop, walk the calories off, repeat

Dear All,

It has been almost a year since you have heard from this blog. Please forgive me for not being as diligent as before, I have aged, and have lost the ability to stay up late writing blogs. However, since I have some time on my hands now, I though it would be nice to share my recent trip to Bangkok with you all.

(Another E, R, F trip!)

Bangkok happened on an impromptu basis and it was a virgin trip for me. The three of us booked our Airasia flight tickets, a room at Blutique Hotel, and off we go to the land of Tom Yum and more early June 2015.

(A mandatory wing shot always)


Nothing can be a better than eating in Bangkok. There is just so much to try!

(Good ol'  Seafood Phad Thai) 

I heard that it was a must to eat at Platanium Mall's food court. Taking their word for it, we visited it twice! A tat bit of caution: the Thai Milk Tea sold in the food court was toooooooooooo sweet, with only a slight hint of tea.

We spotted a loooooooooooooong queue outside a Wanton Mee stall. With that,we concluded that we needed to try it. This stall's located at an alley behind Pratunam Market on route towards Platinum Mall. The queue's soooooooooo long, you would not miss it.

Your trip would never be complete without trying Coconut Ice Cream at Chatuchak Market! It tastes good, especially in a warm day.

One thing that should always be in your Bangkok bucket list: Cafe Hopping. There are so many concept cafes in Bangkok!
We did some online research and came up with our own list!

1. Yingdeaw Homemade

(Banana Chocolate Almond Waffle. What a mouthful!) 

(Honey Lemon, and R's sunglasses cameo)

Located at Siam Square One, this place's a gem. A quaint place with nice yummy desserts. Click here for the location.

2. After You

 (This was a pretty good photo taking spot I must say)
 (We had their original Shibuya Toast with honey drizzled all over it, heavenly)
(When out with R, Thai Milk Tea was a must)

Also located at Siam Square One, After You received much hype due to it's famous Shibuya toast, comfort modern ambiance, and pretty stuffs hanging around. If you love Shibuya toast as much as we do, why not head down?

3. London Tea Cafe

(Another suitable photo taking spot) 

(We order a mushroom pasta, it was generally sweet. Too sweet maybe?)

(Had some iced Yuja Cha to quell the heat)

(We had a savory LTC crunchy toast. Awesome combination!)

London Tea Cafe was pretty hidden. We had to spend some time asking for directions before heading over there. Here's the actual coordinates and the menu

4. Petite Audrey

(We ordered a Caramel Sizzling Roti. Abso sweet, the roti tasted more like those 'you tiao' at our coffee shops. Nonetheless, worth trying)

(Thai Milk Tea layered cake. You NEED to try this. Go against all odds if need be! It was heavenly. It was not sweet. In fact, the taste of tea was very strong! Amazing.)

Located at Siam Centre, Petite Audrey would be a good place to stop by for a short rest, and some desserts to accompany you. Audrey cafes has several outlets in Bangkok, you can click here for the list. 

5. Mr Jones Orphanage


(A huge ass made-with-clay tea cup. It felt like an ultimate test on wrist strength) 

(We ordered an apple pie. Looked pretty decent. Taste wise, the top crust felt a little off. But the apple filling tasted good.) 

(Happy faces at Mr Jones Orphanage ^^)

Also located in Siam Center, it felt like we stepped into a lost piece of Alice's wonderland with many teddy bears, train rails, cushy chairs, and big tea cups. It's a pretty cute concept. It certainly had us riled up, excited, and going "OMG! So cute!" on pretty much everything.

6. On Lok Yun

 (We ordered a spread! French Toast, Condensed Milk Toast, Steam Bread with kaya and condensed milk, and of course Thai Milk Tea!)

(Their steam bread was soft and fluffy. Too good, we had 2 plates!) 

On Lok Yun is one of the oldest standing cafes in Bangkok. Go. Just go. It's really out of the way, but no excuses, go. Here's the address.

Shop and walk those calories off:

What's Bangkok without shopping?
You know where you need to be! Get prepared for some serious walking.
1. Platinum Mall
2. Pratunam Market
3. Chatuchak Market
4. Siam Square Area (there are stores along the roads that sell clothing at reasonable prices i.e. 200Bhat/piece)

(Do not forget to bring a reasonably huge bag to sweep your loot in)

Chocolate Ville:

Seoul has a Petite France, and Bangkok has a Chocolate Ville.This is currently, the place to be! It's very far, very very far. We took a cab at Thonglor BTS and paid 1000 Bhat for a round trip back to Platinum Mall. It took us 1.5 hrs to get there. So if you do intend to go, do plan for it.  

We were lucky to have experience both the day and night of Chocolate Ville as we reached late in the evening.

(We stepped in from the carepark area) 

(The observatory) 

 (My travel buddies)


(The view from the Observatory) 

 (There is a restaurant with a huge amount of seating space)

With this, marks the end of my post. Did I manage to tempt you for a quick trip to Bangkok?

Till next time, Ciao.

<3 FJ